Business in a Box

Have you considered refreshing your image by replacing your old vehicle with a brand-new van?

Wouldn’t it be great to also upgrade your equipment to the latest technology and increase your earnings?

Whether you’re a window cleaner, carpenter, plumber, electrician, gas fitter or any other trade, O2PPS Ltd can help you achieve this even if you lack initial funds for a large deposit or have a poor credit history, we can help you!

O2PPS is proud to introduce "Business in a Box", a new service designed to give all businesses access to new work equipment through a special long-term rental agreement.

"Business in a Box" gives you access to a range of options to suit your individual needs, please read on to see how we can help you acheive your goals...

Starting from a £1500* deposit the following options are available to you
through O2PPS Ltd "Business in a Box" and our partners.

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Brand new or near new vehicle All of Option 1 plus: All of Option 1 & 2 Plus:
New basic sign writing Basic 3 page website Responsive website
(to suit your needs)
All basic work equipment 500 Premium quality business cards 1000 Premium quality business cards
Fully comprehensive insurance Yearly accounts production Brochures & letterheads
2 years road tax Press release
Yearly public liability insurance 1 hour photoshoot
Vehicle Tracking & Theft Recovery

At the end of the 48 month rental contract you will have the option to return the vehicle**, make a final balloon payment to purchase the vehicle.

To find out more about the Options available to you through O2PPS Business in a Box, please Click Here for our contact details.

*Deposit will vary depending on your circumstances
**As part of this rental agreement the vehicle will need to be maintained to a high standard at all times

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